• Powerlite IPL – Hair removal

    "For years I’ve wanted to get rid of unwanted hair under my arms, in my face, and when summer comes even at the bikini line. I was very surprised when I heard the news about the IPL (Powerlite400) and decided to try. It is worth mentioning that I come from India and my skin is dark, which tends to be a contraindication to IPL. I have now done 6 treatments and it is nice not having to use the razor anymore. The treatment itself was virtually painless and has not given me any side effects. This is something I really recommend anyone suffering from unwanted hair."

    Frida, 32 years old
  • "After 4 treatments, I am free from nearly all of the hair on my lower legs. I am really happy. I have therefore started treatment for my bikini line and armpits. I have also told my friends that they should have the treatment. The results were much better than my expectations."

    The treatment was carried out by Helens Beauty Center, Borås.
  • "I have had the hair removed from my armpits. After 5 treatments, I am satisfied with the result. It feels great, not having to shave."

    The treatment was carried out by Carolines Hudvård, Sölvesborg.
  • "After treatment with Powerlite on four occasions, I already notice that the hair on my back has become both sparser and thinner and I don’t have to think about the hair on my back for 2-3 months. I hope to be permanently without hair on my back after further 3-4 treatments."

  • Powerlite IPL Skin Rejuvenation

  • “Better skin than ever before”

    "I went for a total of 4 treatments and I am more than pleased. Already after the first treatment, my skin felt younger, tighter and the wrinkles were less visible. Now I have better skin than ever before."

    Anna had sun-damaged skin after spending a lot of time in the sun. She tried Powerlite® IPL
  • “I am very pleased.”

    "I have tired and lifeless skin generally, and many pigment spots to remove. I had treatment on both my face and hands. After a couple of days, the brown pigment spots that had been treated were clearly lighter and are hardly visible. I am very pleased; I might consider treating more parts of my body."

    The treatment was carried out by Salong Myrna, Mariestad.
  • “I will definitely go for more treatments.”

    "Skin rejuvenation face and neck. I thought before I went that it would hurt, but it only felt like flashes of light and didn’t hurt at all. I wasn’t red in the face afterwards and I went straight back to work. It almost felt pleasant, rather like I had been out sunbathing. I have now had three treatments at one month intervals; I notice a great difference and those around me have commented on how young I look. The wrinkles round my eyes and forehead are not as prominent as before. I will definitely go for more treatments."

    Lena, 49
  • “Very pleased with the result”

    "I have had problems with red cheeks. After two treatments, I feel very pleased with the result. Before the treatment, I used concealer on all of my face. Now I just use blusher on my cheeks. A great difference, really worth slightly swollen cheeks and less money in my purse. I recommend everybody to try this method, if you feel red and blotchy."

    Love from really happy customer Catie Dahl
  • Powerlite IPL – Acne

    "Before, I didn’t even like to look at myself in the mirror. After just a few treatments, I felt an appreciable difference and others said my skin looked much better. Now I keep my acne under control and I feel much better!"

  • Powerlite Inshape

    "I have worked with many different body machines, but I must say that I have never had such good results as I do with PowerliteInShape. The combination of ultrasound, micro-current and vacuum means that the result is visible and long lasting, and customers have never been as pleased as they are now. The machine is very easy to use and profitability is high."

    Johanna Bjurström, Nord Clinic, Gothenburg
  • "I have taken a course of treatment with PowerliteInShape. The treatments were very comfortable and I could feel that something was happening. My body is firmer and slimmer."

    Paula, 58 years, customer at Nord Clinic in Gothenburg.
  • "After just the first treatment, my lumpy thighs were clearly smoother and, moreover, my ‘jodhpurs’ had reduced by 1.5 cm in circumference on each side! I am very pleased and will continue to spoil myself with InShape treatments."

  • "I had a liposuction done, and after that the skin was lumpy. I started a course of treatment with PowerliteInShape. After 4 treatments, the lumps had gone. Best of all is the feeling after treatment, you feel clean and slim."

    The treatment was carried out by Heléns Skönhetsvård, Leksand.
  • Powerlite Peeler 2.0

    "Powerlite Peeler 2.0 is a user friendly machine that gives good results. It is easy to explain to the customer how it works. With the machine, we can offer many different therapies, which increases our chance of finding the right treatment for each unique customer and his or her needs. I love the quick results, you see the difference immediately. The skin becomes smoother and fresher. Powerlite Peeler is more than just a facial treatment; it provides a relaxing break from everyday life."

    Maryam R Andersson, Solver Kliniken, Gothenburg.
  • "I have had tension headaches for many years. The doctor prescribed me Voltaren tablets, which helped for a while. After 4 treatments with ultrasound, I feel healthier and happier. I haven’t had a headache for a long time."

  • "I had treatment with Powerlite Peeler for the scars on my face. I had a course of 6 treatments and after that my skin was better and smoother."

  • "I will definitely have more treatments."

    The treatment was carried out by Maryam R Andersson, Solver Kliniken, Gothenburg.
  • Powerlite – Skin Care System

    "I have used many different brands of skin care products, but never noticed any immediate difference. I have now used Powerlite Skin Care System for 2 months. My friends wonder what I have done to give my face such a fine lustre."