Doctors & Therapists

  • Stureplanskliniken

    For all of our treatments, we collaborate with physicians around the world. In Sweden, Pyra Haglund, is our reference doctor for hair removal and skin rejuvenation with Powerlite600® IPL.

    Pyra Haglund is a licensed physician and doctor of medicine and runs Stureplanskliniken in Stockholm. She has worked with IPL in more than 15 years since the first machine came to Sweden and has extensive experience in both hair removal and skin rejuvenation with IPL. She has given courses in the area in many years and also serves as a reference doctor for Powerlite and Powerlite®.

    Dr. Pyra Haglund update us and our users with continuous information about treatments, outcomes and contraindications.

    PhD, med.Doc. Pyra Haglund

  • Aqua Spa was the 2010 Powerlite Clinic of the Year in Sweden

    "We have worked with Powerlite IPL for more than 8 years and demand just keeps increasing. Our machine is on 8 hours a day, both for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Our customers are very satisfied with the excellent results. My instinct to acquire the machine turns out to have been the right thing to do!"

    Helen Nordstrom, Owner Aqua Spa in Skellefteå AB
  • Powerlite InShape

    "I have worked with many different body machines, but I must say that I have never had such good results as I do with PowerliteInShape. The combination of ultrasound, micro-current and vacuum means that the result is visible and long lasting, and customers have never been as pleased as they are now. The machine is very easy to use and profitability is high."

    Johanna Bjurström, Nord Clinic, Gothenburg
  • Powerlite Peeler 2.0

    "Powerlite Peeler 2.0 is a user friendly machine that gives good results. It is easy to explain to the customer how it works. With the machine, we can offer many different therapies, which increases our chance of finding the right treatment for each unique customer and his or her needs. I love the quick results, you see the difference immediately. The skin becomes smoother and fresher. Powerlite Peeler is more than just a facial treatment; it provides a relaxing break from everyday life."

    Maryam R Andersson, Solver Kliniken i Gothenburg.