Powerlite Needle Pen

Powerlite Needle Pen effectively treats aging and sun-damaged skin, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and hair loss. The results are comparable with laser resurfacing and Fraxel, but without the side effects of these methods. Less painful, and no damage to the skin. The treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin, which give skin a smoother and younger appearance. The treatment also increases the absorption of active ingredients. Powerlite Needle Pen only uses specially-developed skin care products in the treatment, consisting of the active ingredient hyaluronic acid.
Powerlite Pen Needle is electric and has 12 sterile disposable needles, the treatment is much gentler to the skin than traditional micro needling with rollers. The treatment is tailored to each individual and different problem areas are treated by different needle length, adjusted during the treatment.

The treatment always rounds off with MASQ+ serum mask, which moisturizes, cools and soothes the skin and leaves a fine luster.

Treatment indications

Aged and sun damaged skin
• Scars
• Lines and wrinkles
Stretch marks
• Hair loss

Treatment with Powerlite Needle Pen System is fast, safe and effective! Suitable for all skin types and skin tones and can be done year round.