Powerlite AB

We have a comprehensive concept for health, beauty and wellbeing, from our products to our customer relations. Powerlite is a full service company, where you receive help with everything from financing, training and marketing to treatment support and technical know-how. We have manufactured IPL machines since the end of the 90’s, and we are market leaders in Sweden and Japan and one of the major players in Germany. The highest quality, for both technology and treatment results, is our guiding principle.
Our product portfolio includes Powerlite® IPL, Powerlite Peeler 2.0, Powerlite Ice, Powerlite RF, Powerlite Fysio, Powerlite Needle Pen, Photonova IPLS, our skin care line Powerlite Skin Care System and MASQ+ sheet masks.
Our treatment methods are supported by medical studies and our machines, which we manufacture ourselves, are certified and approved by a number of authorities and institutes.

Leading Swedish manufacturer

All Powerlite/Photonova ipl machines are made in Sweden, which guarantees us full control and high quality. We have produced machines since 1999 and research and development is carried out in Sweden, Japan and South Korea. This contributes to a broad knowledge base and cost efficient production.

Unique patent

Powerlite® is one of the most well known IPL brands, with safe and effective treatment methods. Our patented Controlled Multi-Pulse technology is based on our unique, controlled multi-pulse system with up to 15 micro-pulses per flash. The same power is maintained during the entire flash and the same strong power during each light pulse. This unique patent means we can provide treatment at high power with minimal pain and without side effects. Product development, trials, research and follow up are carried out continuously and always in close collaboration with doctors and skin therapists.

Comprehensive concept

We have a complete organisation in Sweden and we offer our customers full service in terms of support and training. Moreover, we support joint marketing activities and arrange regular conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience in this area to make us into more of a partner than a supplier. We help you develop your business, and marketing material. In addition, we keep you updated about trends and the latest industry news.

Customer focus

We know that our products provide what they promise and more besides; nevertheless, without a foundation of good customer relations, we would not be market leaders today. Our investments in creating a long-term approach, where our expertise provides an additional resource, contribute to positive business development for our customers. Surveys show that we have a high level of customer satisfaction and more than 92% recommend Powerlite® to others.


Powerlite/Photonova is sold worldwide via distributors on selected markets. Our distributors are carefully chosen based on a number of criteria’s. Click on your area to contact your Powerlite/Photonova distributor.

Powerlite is expanding and always looking for new business partners around the globe. Would you like to broaden your product portfolio with our brands? Contact us on +46 (0)31-706 65 50 or info@powerlite.com.