Powerlite400® IPL

With more than 15 years’ experience, Powerlite® is one of the oldest commercially available brands in Sweden. Our customer satisfaction has made us market leaders for IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light) in Sweden and in Japan, which is the world’s second biggest market for beauty products. Swedish manufacturing and design also result in the highest quality and safety. Powerlite IPL is a patented technology that gives safe, powerful and effective treatment with results. The patent is based on controlled multi-pulse technology that delivers the same power during the whole flash and the same strong power during each light pulse. This unique patent, together with our triple safety system, means that we can provide treatment at high power with minimal pain and without side effects. All of our Powerlite IPL machines are water-cooled. Our Powerlite machines are CE marked and have FDA approval. We also have models that are Medically Certified and are medical CE marked according to MDD93/42/EEC. Powerlite is prized by users worldwide for its user friendliness, versatility and for its excellent results. For example, people who have had hair removed are still hair free, 10 years later.

Powerlite400 – makes it possible to treat a darker skin type

Powerlite400 is designed for those who have IPL as part of their business. Powerlite400 has double handles that are ergonomically designed as well as a user-friendly LCD display with a language select option. Thanks to its unique multi-pulse train, as well as the high/low setting, you can also use the Powerlite400 to treat a darker skin type.

  • Powerlite IPL Hair removal

    Spot size 10x35mm
    Permanent hair removal on both body and face.

  • Powerlite IPL Skin rejuvenation

    Spot size 10x20mm
    Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, sun-damaged skin, vascular lesions, age spots, fine lines, rosacea.

  • Powerlite IPL Acne (optional)

    Spot size 10x35mm
    Makes it possible to treat directly on inflamed acne.

The photos below show examples of results of hair removal and skin rejuvenation with Powerlite IPL.