Powerlite® Peeler 2.0

Powerlite® Peeler 2.0 provides several different options for facial and body treatments with three machines in one. This results in individually adapted treatments with rapid results. The user-friendly handle is ergonomically designed to give maximum precision during treatment. Made in Sweden with high quality.

Powerlite® Peeler 2.0

The Powerlite Peeler 2.0 is a compact, multifunctional machine incorporating microdermabrasion, ioniser and ultrasound/cavitation. It is fast, safe and hygienic. The treatments are suitable for both men and women and they can be performed all year round. The treatment stimulates skin regeneration, giving the skin lustre, elasticity and increased vitality with immediately visible results.

  • Microdermabrasion

    Sun-damaged skin
    Pigment changes
    Aged skin

  • Ioniser

    Muscle stimulation
    Muscle relaxation

  • Ultrasound/Cavitation

    Pain relief

The photos below show examples of treatment results using Powerlite Peeler.