MDM – Melanin Density Meter

Skins pigmentation (melanin density) is the single greatest risk factor in IPL or Laser treatments – a dark skin burns much more easily than a light skin. By carefully measuring the skins melanin levels with Photonovas MDM – at each treatment session – you will gain:

  • The most secure treatment
  • Maximum clinical treatment effect
  • Faster treatment (the need for a trial treatment is eliminated)

All modern phototherapy methods need different treatment parameters, depending on the type of skin, i.e. melanin content. Examples of treatments where the MDM will help you may include:

  • Vascular Treatments Laser/IPL
  • Hair removal by Laser/IPL
  • Benign pigment changes with Laser/IPL
  • UV treatment of eczema
  • Deciding the best sun protection factor (SPF)
  • Setting the optimal time in solariums

An MDM is always included when you buy a Photonova PLS3 system.