Energy Meter EFM-100

Are you sure that your IPL power is correct and secure?

All IPL systems have lamps that over time will lose power, even if your IPL system uses the same settings. During treatment, it is of utmost importance to know how much energy your equipment produces. This figure varies depending on what filter you use, on the condition of the lamp – as well as on the equipment’s general condition. This may cause your treatments to be insecure and unpredictable. For safe treatments with good results, we recommend that you always test your equipment using the energy meter – prior to each treatment! For this reason, Photonova’s IPL systems always come with an energy meter.

If you have a non-Photonova system (lacking an energy meter), we suggest you immediately complete your equipment. That way you will promote good treatment results and your customer’s security.

With our EFM (Energy Fluency Meter), you can quickly, easily and securely check the efficiency of your IPL.


  • Shows energy and pulse duration
  • Result displayed directly in J/cm²
  • Works with both IPL and broad band IR
  • Can be used with most brands of IPL and laser (laser spot size > 3 mm)